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Jiu Jitsu is the martial art that translates as ”The Gentle Art”. It is the triumph of technique and leverage over size and strength. One of the most important aspects of any form of combat is to remain calm, assess and adapt.

GAME OF ROLLS is a Jiu Jitsu based card game and learning aid that presents unconventional grappling scenarios with the emphasis on being creative and simply having fun.

Rules of the game The primary focus of the game is to force players to step outside their comfort zone, to explore different positions and attempt different submissions than they would otherwise. This broadening of horizons aids in identifying general areas of both strength and weakness, while playfully devoting awareness to various grappling scenarios that otherwise may not be considered. The game favors overall well-roundedness, to become a true master you must be able to submit any given opponent, from any given position, at any given time…

The deck can be played using GAME OF ROLLS rules, or used as a selection deck for positional sparring drills. You can also get creative and invent your own rules, or get crazy and do an All Wild Card Super Roll (recommended).

GAME OF ROLLS was designed to double as a regular deck of playing cards too. This nifty little feature came to slaughter any boredom experienced outside the dojo. Now you can play regular card games with your friends, sharpen your magic skills or build a breathtaking house of cards.

If you make gameplay videos, or want to add a submission video to the YouTube Library, then make sure to add #GAMEOFROLLS or #GOR so we find it and marvel at your awesomeness.

Have fun rolling and a beautiful day,


Martial Apes

Position Cards


Position cards are the backbone of the game. Each player always starts with 2 of these each round. They consist of different established and well-known positions in the martial art of Jiu Jitsu, and represent your goal to be accomplished when rolling each round.

Wild Cards


These cards are always an advantage to the player who is lucky enough to receive them. They embody the fun & creative spirit of the game, and are played against your opponent before rolling starts.


Embedded in the game are core concepts and lessons that promote growth as a grappling martial artist.

Submission Orientated Grappling
You can’t win without successful submissions.

Position Before Submission
It is an important concept grappling practitioners are familiar with, as any submission can only be attempted once control has been achieved from a designated position.

As you become familiar with each position, you will naturally begin to explore different submissions from each position, increasing your variety of submissions.

Transitional Control
You will explore different transitions from any position to maintain control and improve your chances of completing a submission.

Adapt and Improvise
With the addition of the Wild Cards, a random component is introduced into game. This can be interpreted as restrictions or as opportunities, depending on your creative thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Chaining Submissions
Once your opponents’ awareness of your game increases, they will automatically improve on defending your submission attempts. This will favor chaining submission attempts together in order to remain unpredictable and diverse.

Expanding Comfort Zones
Forces players outside their comfort zone to try positions they might not otherwise engage in and attempt submissions they might otherwise overlook.

Disguising Your Intent
Disguising your intent and what you plan to achieve requires tactical thinking and ongoing dynamic problem solving.

Fun Focused
GAME OF ROLLS was created as a method of training that promotes joy, creativity and cheerfulness. Aimed at softening the anxiety and competitive spirit that dominates most sparring sessions.

Play Safe
This game is a training aid for use in Jiu Jitsu academies under the supervision of qualified instructors. Jiu Jitsu can be considered a physically risky sport where injuries do occur. To minimize chances of injury, only play when supervised by qualified personnel. Be advised that the creators of this game accept no liability for any injury sustained whilst grappling. Please warm-up before playing, use common sense, be nice and have fun!


Here you will find a selection of YouTube videos that inspired us to want to spend more time on the mat. If you like their style as much as we do, be sure to visit their YouTube channels for endless hours of the best Jiu Jitsu instructionals and documentaries available.

1. Half Guard

Half Guard



2. Outside Footlock

Outside Footlock



3. Inside Footlock

Inside Footlock




4. Game Over

Game Over



5. Honey Hole

Honey Hole



6. Closed Guard

Closed Guard





7. Kimura




8. Omoplata





9. New York

New York




10. Crusifix




11. The Truck




12. Judo Side




13. Reg Side

Reg Side





14. Scarf Side

Scarf Side




15. Modified Side

Modified Side


16. Twister Side

Twister Side




17. Stockade




18. North South

North South



19. The Mount

The Mount




20. Knee On Belly

Knee On Belly


21. The Back

The Back




22. Spider web





23. Spider web